Thursday, October 25, 2007

thick, thick hair

me and my brother kenny, two of the six specimens in my family who have hair as thick and coarse as a horse. all the siblings are now counting their lucky stars that i do hair because i know from the past how hard it is to find a hairdresser that gets how to cut a thick mane. you have to have it to really understand, and oh boy do i have it. i know just how much you have to HACK into it to give it shape. i gave kenny the "zack efron" - isn't he cute? (i mean kenny, not zack...i'm not a fan.)


CresceNet said...
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ashleyboice said... will be a fan...i promise.

coco said...

i know... i shouldn't make rash judgments until i see it

GRodenberg said...

OMG we have seen it 4x and listen to the soundtrack everyday, although Kennedy & I love Seaweed more than Link (Zac) LOVE IT!!!!!!!!