Thursday, November 8, 2007

my recommended products for all hair types

before i did hair, i didn't think that products made a difference, and rarely sprung for a professional hair lines, instead using suave and other nonesense. now after styling head after head, i know it makes all the difference in the world. i know it's expensive to experiment and find just what works for you, so here's the results of my experimentations....


** I love this curling iron, (and yes, a good one is necessary) and for the price, you can't beat it (of course not compared to Wal-Mart, but compared to professional prices):

Regular 3/4" Professional Marcel Iron Model 1105 For all hair lengthsPulse Technology® senses heat loss and begins restoring it immediately so the iron stays hot, curl after curl.


**For very piecey, dirty, full of messy texture curls (apply some when wet, but use from middle of strand to ends when dry) this is one of my fav products:

twisted curl defining créme
Combines conditioning and styling agents to protect, control, and define curl.
Produces frizz-free, springy curl without feeling stiff or crunchy.
Enhances and energizes curl, and helps keep it conditioned and bouncy.
Protects hair from damage associated with hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.
how to useRub between palms. Gently distributes from roots to ends throughout towel-dried hair. Push curl into place and style as desired.


**For Fine/ Thin hair, (that can't handle shine/anti-frizz product, because it just makes your hair look greasy), this is a great lightweight shiner/smoother, for soft pretty curls, with just a pinch of texture:

outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk
Defy frizz with super shine and clean definition. Light cream styler with shea butter melts on outspoken shine and smoothness.
How To Use
Apply a small amount evenly through damp or dry hair. Use it alone or create a custom blend with another Redken styling product.


**For more coarse/thick hair (or medium, but use sparingly) for shiny, glossy pretty curls... never apply any shine/gloss product within at least 3 inches of the roots:

This dry silicone serum fights frizz and smoothes the hiar as it delivers strength with a combinatino of two types of silk proteins and two soy proteins.
The weightless, greaseless formula locks in moisture and protects against humidity and static electricity.
Works great with a flat iron.
Can also be used on the skin for shine and smoothness.


**For any hair type, any type of curl... this is great to use to piece out the ends, seperating the curls, instead of leaving them clumped together... helps to make curls more casual and everyday, rather than elegant (use sparingly at first... add more as needed)

From red carpet to real life, Sexy Hair Concepts (Sexy Hair) introduces Gleam Me Up, a light weight wax that gives hair texture, definition and lots of shine. Providing a light to medium hold with a natural and soft finish, Gleam Me Up twirls brilliance and distinctive shape into each tress.
Just the thing for short to medium hair, Gleam Me Up forms a "styling memory" and contains nourishing properties of herbal and protein extracts and pro-vitamin 5. With a fragrant hint of peony and apple, the styling wax sculpts hair into chic, fashion-forward styles without a greasy, waxy residue.

**Great all around gel... not too heavy not too light:

Oxygen energized sunflower, juniper, rose hips, and wheat germenrich hair with vitamins for maximum condition and shine
texturizing gel
Oxygen energized, weightless, firm hold styling gel.
Use to mold, shape, and form hair.
Gives hair exceptional texture, volume, and shine.

how to useApply to towel dried hair and distribute evenly. Blow dry and proceed with styling. For wet look, comb and dry naturally.


** I love this hairspray:

forceful 23 super strength finishing spray
Finish styles with ultimate strength, lasting lift, shape memory and frizz-free shine. Fast-drying, ultra-clean formula delivers lasting shape memory and 8 hours of maximum control. Exclusive Shine Charged Technology helps provide frizz-free, touchable, shiny styles with 24-hour humidity resistance.
How To Use
Spray 8-12 inches from dry, styled hair.


to finish up talking about curly hair...i just have to tell you that my husband, bless his heart, has been begging me for a tight perm for a long long time. what can i say? he likes to be unique. i finally gave in:

tyler is the boss of some teenage skater kids who immediately requested perms after seeing him. tyler is quoted as saying "i'm a trend setter. get used to it." watch out. the perm's coming back. in all seriousness though, i have been working on a technique to give a body wave (yes, i just used the term body wave) that looks like sjp's hair, and i'm getting close to it's perfection. i just need some guinea pigs. anyone want a perm in 2007?


kelly said...

that hair spray smells like perfume, i love it alot.

Kara said...

REALLY? only a 3/4 in barrell iron? I'm afraid of too tight of curls. I guess the key is a lot of hair in each section?

Heidi said...

I try to get the look of celebrities with the long/loose curls. I have a 1" Bed Head curling iron and love it! A friend told me though that to get the look I want, I should use a smaller iron, is that true?

rachel said...

at one point (after nicole taught me these tricks) i had sorta perfected my curls...though they never looked as good as hers...i think i need another lesson nikkyb. how about next weekend??

also, i am going to a 70's party tomorrow. how do you get farrah fawcett (sp?) hair? maybe it wouldn't work without the layers.

do you love being the ann landers of coiffures?

nicole boice said...

don't be afraid of small curling irons... sometimes i even use my smaller one on my hair. look at the top two pics of mary kate a couple posts back... not at all formal right? but you would use a smaller curling iron to get that look... then run your fingers through with something like twisted or gleam me up to make it piecier. try it and see what you think...

Lisa said...

i would love a perm! i've been thinking of getting one for a while since i love curls, i've been growing my hair out and i have thick, wavy hair! too bad i live in AZ!

ashleyboice said...

i so want a perm. I have wanted one for a couple of years now.