Wednesday, May 7, 2008

sun-kissed perfection

not since madonna in the 80's have roots looked so good....
i've been meaning to do a post about this forever.
here a few pics of my favs of the many celebs rocking this look...

giselle, of course. incidentally, it is near impossible to get a picture of this girl with clothes on. i took the liberty of cropping this one for you so you wouldn't see her hands cupping her boobs. but you gotta give it up for her hair.

i always love drew barrymore, but i became enthralled when i started to see pics of her hair looking like this. i love this picture.

one more for good measure.

elle macpherson's hair right now is incredible. in fact, based on her alone i want to dye my hair brown. this look is exactly what i'm talking about when i say roots. beautiful.

one more.

my friend shauna, who although not a celeb, definitly dresses like one, and rocks the roots like one. (i do her hair). i know you can't see the them in this pic, (it's the only one i have) but believe me it's looking good.... and i know she wants a shout out. miss you shauna!


kelly said...

oh elle. i want to be you.

Anonymous said...

cole i miss you too....and i am honored to be on the blog.....and i do love, luff roots

Anonymous said...

wait its shauna by the way

kirsti osborne said...

i'm so happy it is updated! nicole i need to see you soon cuz i can't figure out what to do with my hair. any suggestions?