Friday, December 28, 2007

i promise i'm not dead

what can i say... the holidays kicked my butt. i am truly sorry and promise many more delicious posts in the near future. ps- i got diorshow mascara for christmas... love it- very un-clumpy. anywho, as my penance, here is one piece of hair eye candy... this picture is so glamorous to me... it makes me want to go put on makeup. enjoy!


Karol said...

Love your blog! Glad you are posting again. Quick question: how do I go about creating the beachy curls? Any specific diameter curling iron? Would love any tips. Thanks so much.

rachel said...

is that drew?

Missy said...

I've been looking for your number. The one you wrote on your card must have been written wrong. Email me or call me asap! My hair is in BIG time need of your care!! Lucky me, I just found your blog.
-- Melissa
(Mandi's friend)

nicole said...

melissa, email me and we can set up an appointment... my number changed a couple of months ago. talk to you soon!

Trace Gibson said...

THIS GIRL IS A GENIUS!!! If you EVER have a chance to book her in Idaho or Utah TAKE IT, you'll never regret it! Seriously, her cuts/colors are so insanely good, but they seem to grow out and get even BETTER if it's possible! She's not only fabulous, she makes sure it's less maintenance! I cannot say enough about this amazing stylist!!!