Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i feel good about myself / random thoughts

my sister kelly and i went to my old beauty school for pedis last saturday. i didn't end up getting one because they only had one chair available, so i just hung out while kelly got hers. this glimpse back into school gave me a brief surge of confidence that i really am good at what i do. you should have seen kelly's toes. what kind of an idiot would be finished when her toes looked like that. sorry, maybe idiot is a harsh word, but i feel strongly about it. don't think it's just because she's in school either... i did very good work even while i was in school. what is this girl even doing in beauty school if she has not previously shown a propensity for this line of work/creative talent. i remembered while i was there that this applies to 99.9% of the girls in beauty school. yikes. no wonder i've had so many bad haircuts. just because you can rat your hair until it is in a six inch high square off the top of your head, doesn't mean that you should do hair for a living. maybe i wouldn't have such a strong opinion about this if i was not constantly judged by my school owner/instructor, for not wearing enough makeup or for not "doing" my hair like that. a lot of good its doing them.
ps- did you hear that heath ledger is dead? weird.
pps- if anyone can provide me with / email me a really good picture of idaho hair, i will be much obliged and feature it on this blog as what not to do.


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Anonymous said...

I came upon your blog through another blog. You hit the nail on the head. I live in Boise now but am from the Rexburg area. I actually call it "St. Anthony hair" and I really just don't get it. For what it's worth, you have normal pretty hair and if I lived there I would have you do my hair because you do it normal. Just look for any girl driving a Pontiac and you'll find the picture of hair you are looking for. My husband and I laugh all the time about that hair. I really should just take a picture of my friend who does hair in Rexburg and you would have the perfect example. I laughed so hard when I read your post. Good work and I'm glad not everyone that lives there thinks that hair is cool.

Debbie said...

Nicole-- isn't your friend on that Miss USA reality show on TLC? Miss Nevada I think? I started watching it because you Kelly and Julie were talking about her (I think)-- anyway, the girl from Idaho-- before they did makeovers, she was talking about her Idaho hair-- the poof, very funny. I think they are doing reruns, you should check it out.

Keri said...

So funny!!!! And you know, it's THOSE girls in beauty school who give the whole profession a bad name. The ones who only go because they don't have any other skills and think it's something easy to learn. Um, really?

I SOOOOOO wanted to be a hair stylist growing up but my mom made a huge fuss about it. I wish now I'd have told her to stuff it and done it anyway because I think I could have been good at it. I at LEAST could do better than the crazy toe-nail painting girl!!!

OOH! And I read on your sister's blog that you are good with skin too? Maybe you should share some of THOSE secrets too!!!

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here is some good idaho hair!!!

{natalie} said...

when are you coming to utah?

one time i got a haircut at bon losee school and came out looking like a major dyke. it sucked really bad.

GRodenberg said...

i hope none of them read your blog! it's called "the claw"

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Missy said...

Hilarious! I know exactly what you're talking about!!!

I'm waiting for a call or an email from you to set up a hair appointment. Did you get my email? I'm sure you're super busy. Email me or call when you get a chance.