Friday, May 23, 2008

i love me some braids

these pics bring my heart joy. what a perfect style for the summer. give it a try, or if you're not sold yet, try it on your little girl first.
if you have thick/long hair, another thing i love is to put one biggish messy braid underneath when you are wearing your hair down. this is especially cute with a scarf/bandana headband. and even cuter if it is at all possible for you to be at the beach. :)


kelly said...

oh my gosh.
guess what i'm doing as soon as i am out of the shower?

Megan said...

I love the braid in the last picture, but I have no idea how to actually do that. Any hints?

CodynStacey said...

I love your blog!! Where is your shop? I'd love for you to do my hair!

katrina lauren said...

love the braids! I was reading through past posts...and loved the segment on the curly hair! I have an unruly mane of my own...and my whole life every chic sophisticated hairdo was NOT for curlies like me! Anyways what i am wondering is if you have ideas for updo's for curly hair for weddings. I am getting married in July by the ocean (humidity..brave I know!) and I don't want to straighten and recurl(in larger curls) do to high humidity and am wondering if you could suggest some hairstyle ideas?
Thanks for the fun reading on your blog!

stephanie said...

okay, LOVE it. i'm officially inspired. but is it just a bun in the back? or knots? what do they do back there?

kirsti osborne said...

i did my hair like the first one for alex's wedding! thanks for the idea.