Tuesday, February 24, 2009

oh my gosh i'm back

words cannot express my love for the look of cameron diaz at the golden globes this year. when i saw her i sort of gasped and was in love. everything is perfect to me... especially the hair. so save your pennies and skip your color appointment- cause come on, wouldn't you like to rock that look? one word of warning... if you let your color go like that, you have to make sure to make up for it in your makeup and clothes (as cameron did), otherwise you look like you live in a trailer. i'm just saying.


kelly said...

ooooh. the first half of the post i was like "my hair looks like that all the time, but it doesn't look good." then the second half i was like "oh, makeup and get dressed? i better go to the hair appt."

shauna.m. said...

coco i love it and cant handle my dark hair...i miss my roots...also i heard that one thing to make yoir roots look good is paint a warm toner on them...it blends good...im so excited pleeeeaassseee keep posting